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Affordable Housing

Developing affordable housing is a complex but rewarding endeavor. While we in the industry get joy out of developing affordable housing for our communities, we know the industry has a steep learning curve. Besides the normal complexities of developing multi-family residential real estate, our industry entails unique development concepts, financing concepts, and government regulations.  However, this course attempts to get new people up to speed more quickly by going over the basics, the terminology, the process, the risks, etc.

The course entails 20 hours of instruction, including 40+ videos, 30+ discussion topics, and 20+ activities. The course exposes people to the development process and its financing from multiple angles to ensure retention.
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Created by

William Leach

 Riverside, CA
William Leach is the founder of Kingdom Academy, who loves Jesus Christ and loves sharing insights. Will has served the affordable housing industry as a thought leader and financial adviser since 2005. Will has a bachelor's degree in Workforce Education, a master's in Business Administration, and a master's in Accountancy.